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Universal Fellowship



Cub #1-  carries flag representing East (Germany)
Cub #2 - carries flag representing South (Mexico)
Cub #3 - carries flag representing West (Japan)
Cub #4 - carries flag representing North (Canada)
Cub #5 - carries flag representing USA
Cub #6 - carries flag representing Cubs (Pack flag)

Narrator:  The Universal Fellowship of Pack ____ will now be presented by Den ___.  (Use standard flag ceremony procedure with flags from other countries following American flag.  When on stage, flags from other countries should be flanked between American and Pack flags.)

Cub #1:  From the East where the sun rises.
Cub #2:  To the South where the birds fly in winter.
Cub #3:  To the West where the sun sets.
Cub #4:  To the North which serves a beacon light for Cub Scouts everywhere.

Narrator:  (to the West) say "Hello" to the East, (to the North) say "Hello" to the South, (to the East) say "Hello" to the North (to America) say "Hello" to everyone.

And now, let's all say "Hello" to each other.  (People turn to one another, shake hands, say "Hello", then turn to Narrator).  Thank you all!!  Color Guard, Post Your Colors!


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