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N-A-T-U-R-E #1

For an outdoor ceremony paint each letter on a card board square and staple it to a wooden stake. Line up the stakes in the ground around the campfire circle. Speakers stand behind the letters.

CUB #1: N - Stands for your name. Be proud of it. As you advance from Bobcat to Webelos you will add new laurels to your name. Everything you do affects your good name and your family.

CUB #2: A - Is for attitude. As sunlight affects growth, so attitude affects your spirit. Cub Scouts with the right attitude are happy, willing, and fair.

CUB #3: T - Stands for task. As the beaver works hard at his task of building, so does each Cub Scout.

CUB #4: U - Stands for usefulness. Just as animals and birds are known for their usefulness, so you will be judged by the work you do to help others.

CUB #5: R - Means you are ready. As the squirrel gathers food for the future, so you have worked on your achievements getting ready for the day when you become a Boy Scout.

CUB #6: E - Stands for energy. As the bee is never idle, so you too, keep busy giving goodwill.

CUB #7: The letters on these cards spell "Nature", God's way of telling us He cares. Let us always be grateful for the creation and for this great country of ours.

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