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Skit on Nature

Author:  Longhorn Council

The Den Leader (labeled Mother Nature) says “Everything living, and properly
cared for, grows.

There are things that a tree needs to grow. It needs warmth, water, care, and
protection. Cub Scouts grow. What does a Cub Scout need to help him grow?

Cub #l : He needs food to grow. (perhaps this is the largest cub)

Cub #2: He needs a home for shelter.

Cub #3: He needs a man to be his friend.

Cub #4: He needs to go to school to grow mentally.

Cub #5: He needs to go to church to synagogue to help him grow spiritually.

Den Leader: Where’s Johnny? Isn’t he in this skit?

Cub #6: (hurrying on stage) Here I am. A Cub Scout needs to be needed.

Den Leader: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

PROVERB: (Den Leader) “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

TRANSLATION: (Cubs in unison) “What you seed is what you get!”

Two guys come rushing forward from opposite sides of stage. One throws his
arms out and grabs the other fellow, ‘“Thank God, I ran into you I’ve been
wandering around out here for three days.” ‘?

“I don’t know what you’re so excited about,” says the second guy. “I’ve been lost
out here for over a week.”

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean
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