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Lost Instrument Skit

Author:  GSLC

Cast: Billy and five other Cub Scouts
Props: Comb wrapped in wax paper, Kazoos for the rest of the boys, small musical instrument case.

Billy: I can't find my comb!
Cub 2: Why do you need a comb?
Cub 3: Your hair doesn't look messy.
Cub 2: When did you last have it?
Billy: I had it earlier today.
Cub 3: Let's help Billy look for it. (Cubs 2 and 3 walk over to second group of cubs)

Cub 3: Have you seen Billy's comb?
Cub 4: What color is it?
Billy: My comb is black.
Cub 5: What size is it?
Billy: It's about six inches long. (Boys wander around the room looking up and down,
searching for the missing comb. After a minute or two, the boys give up searching
the room and gather around Billy.)

Cub 2: Here use my comb. (He pulls a comb out of his back pocket and combs his hair
first before offering it to Billy.)
Cub 3: No, use my comb.
Cub 4: Here, you can have mine.
Cub 5: I prefer you use my comb.
Billy: (Looks around the room one more time, then says) I remember where I left it!
(He picks up a musical instrument case and says) Come on, we have to hurry!

The group goes off stage. The cubs line up behind Billy and march back on stage. Billy holds a comb wrapped in wax paper up to his lips. The other cubs are humming on Kazoos. Pick a song for the boys to play on their instruments such as "When the Saints Go Marching In" or "Knick Knack, Patty Whack, Give the Dog a Bone."

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2005
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