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Can be given as a gift with a candle on April 22nd or done as a ceremony at a appreciation dinner 

(S. Andrews, FWGSC, 1986)


There was a child standing outside, alone.  She was absorbed into the wall surrounding her.  By chance someone saw her there, saw her need, and stopped to light her candle…….

…..And she, in candlelight…..glows

There was a child without confidence.  She was afraid to try, worried about rejection.  Someone let her candle with a smile A nodding of praise for her efforts…..

 ….And she, in candlelight….glows…

There was a child who couldn’t be still. She bounced and bubbled and never came to rest.  Someone filled her eyes with awe, and she saw A gifted of light, and emotion quieted her soul…….

……A she, in candlelight……glows.

There was a child searching for meaning.  Looking for direction that made sense to her.  Someone lit a candle to help her find a way-With a Promise, a song, and a prayer…

 …..And she, in candlelight……glows

There was a child seeing a need in the world.  She didn’t know what to do that would help.  Someone showed her a little light, flickering, She lit the candles of others……

 …A she, in candlelight ….glows.

Girl Scout Leaders are early candles for our children.  On Leader’s Day we thank Girl Scout Leaders everywhere for a contribution that cannot be measured.  As a candle in this world, your light is not diminished, but is often enhanced.


Thank you for being a Girl Scout Leader


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