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Archeologist Expedition

Table topped with a 3 or 4 inch tall box about 18 inches
square (filled with sand or sawdust)
Plastic eggs filled with the awards and buried in sand
Archeologist costumes for 2 leaders (pith helmets
hammers, etc)
1 plastic dinosaur.
(As all of the eggs are in the same box, you may need to
somehow color code the eggs so that you do Bobcats, then
Tigers, then Wolves, etc... make sure to put all awards for
one rank in the same egg)
DR. DINA: (finds dinosaur nest) Doctor Bones come
look! I think I have found a rare CUBosaurus nest.
DR. BONES: By jove! I do believe you have found it!
Dr. DINA: (Digs in the sand and pulls out an egg.)
Look, a rare BOBCATosaurus egg! (Shake the egg)
There is something inside! (They open the egg and
present the awards.)
DR. DINA: (Digs in the .sand and pulls out an egg.)
Look a rare TIGERosaurus egg! There is something
inside! (They open it and present the awards.)
DR. BONES: (Find another egg.) I have found a rare
WOLFosaurus egg! (They open it and present the
DR. DINA: (Finds another egg.) Wow, what a find! I
think I have found a rare BEARosaurus egg. (They
open it and present the awards.)
DR. BONES: (Finds another egg.) Fantastic, the rare
WEBELOSaurus egg! (They open it and present the
DR. BONES: Could it be?! After all these years! This one
is alive! (He puts his finger in the mouth of a plastic
dinosaur. He waves it around for all to .see. Then
screams and runs off stage.)

References / Source:
Sam Houston Area Council
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