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Magic Square Mania

Did you know where the word dinosaur comes from?? See
the origin in "Theme Related Stuff" To further improve
your dinosaur vocabulary, read column A. Choose an answer
from Column B. Write the number of the answer in the
Magic Square. The first one has been done for you.
Column A
A. Person who studies fossils
B. Petrified remains of animals and plants
C. Meat-eating dinosaurs
D. Plant-eating dinosaurs
E. Movement of animals over long distances
F. Large bony plates on dinosaur’s neck
G. Bones on the top of a dinosaur’s head
H. The Age oMagic Square Maniaf Dinosaurs
I. Large groups of animals that live together
Column B
1. Skeleton
2. Mesozoic Age
3. Carnivore
4. Herbivore
5. Palenotologist
6. Migration
7. Herd
8. Frills
9. Crest
10. Fossils

Add the numbers across, down and diagonally. What answer
do you get? __________
(81 si rewsna ehT)

References / Source:
Catalina Council
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