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The Bone

SETTING: 8 boys are needed.

SCENE: Have all but Cub #8 on stage talking. Cub #8 will walk in at the end.

CUB #l: Hey, did you hear?
CUB #2: No, what?
CUB #1: (Cub #8's name) found a dinosaur bone in his back yard.
CUB #3: How do you know it was from a dinosaur?
CUB #1: He said it was from Rex, you know, like Tyrannosaurs Rex.
CUB #4: How did he find it?
CUB #1: He was digging around in the yard.
CUB #5: Did they call the TV news people?
CUB #6: How big of a bone was it?
CUB #7: We better ask him what happened. (#8 walks in)
CUB #8: Hi, guys, what's up?
CUB #2: Tell us about your bone!
CUB #4: Yea, is it from a Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur?
CUB #8: (looking a little sheepish and at the floor) Oh that bone. No, it wasn't from a Tyrannosaur Rex, it was from Rex.
CUB #7: What other dinosaur is a Rex?
CUB #8: Not a dinosaur. It was my dog, Rex.

References / Source:
Sam Houston Area Council
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