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First, But Not The Last

CUB #1 - Scouts and NASA go hand in hand. How? both are concerned about our future and both will be part of the future.

CUB #2 - The Rendezvous in space of Gemini 6 and 7 might be called the First Patrol Meeting in space. All the astronauts involved had been scouts.

CUB #3 - In Gemini 6 was Walter M. Schirra Jr., 1st Class Scout and Thomas Stafford, a Star Scout.

CUB #4 - In Gemini 7 was James A. Lovell, Eagle Scout and Frank Bornman, Jr. Tenderfoot Scout.

CUB #5 - Of course, July 20, 1969 was when Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon!

CUB #6 - Of the 157 pilots and scientists selected to be astronauts since 1959, 103 were Scouts or have been active in Scouting.

CUB #7 - There have been 25 Eagle Scouts, 19 life Scouts, 11 Star Scouts, 15 First Class Scouts, 14 Second Class Scouts, 6 Tenderfoot Scouts, 2 Explorers, 7 Cub Scouts, 1 Scout leader and 3 of unknown rank.

CUB #8 - The Boy Scouts of America teaches young people to be good citizens and trains them to become leaders. Just think how it will be in the year 2030 AD when all of us are leading the country?

DENNER, DEN CHIEF, OR LEADER - I am sure when the year 2030 AD is here, and Cub Scouts is 100 years old, the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack and Motto will be the same. It will also have the same meaning to saying that Pledge.


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