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Harlem Globetrotters

Three scouts are doing laundry, each is sitting behind a bucket which holds his "laundry". Two of the buckets really have water and a rag or two. All three work at scrubbing and wringing water from their laundry for a few seconds. One sitting on the end shakes the water from his hands getting his neighbor slightly wet. This provokes the scout in the middle who retaliates with a splash back ... escalate in comedic fashion till the one on the end throws a wet rag at the face of the "scout" in the middle who ducks. The rag sails on till it smacks the scout on the far end (previously not involved in the water fight) in the face. The smack-ee picks up his bucket to dump on the others who take flight into the audience. The Punch line: When the actors are in the crowd the smack-ee tosses the contents of his bucket in a wide arc over as much of the audience as possible. In the version I saw the bucket was filled with pieces of newspaper but in a Scouting setting a bucket full of leaves would work just a well. If the actors have a little talent and practice this can be extremely funny.

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