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Consumer's Report

  • Semi-active, indoors
  • Equipment: Per team: 1 balloon; 1 bib; 1 bowl of soda crackers; 1 orange, peeled; 1 bottle of pop; 1 bowl of peanuts; 1 straw per person; 1 long table.
  • Formation: Relay.

Divide the group into teams of six to eight. Line up each team at one end of the room and place each 'set' of food items and a bib on the table at the other end of the room. Blow up the balloons and place them on the table beside each team's goodies.

On 'Go', the first member of each team runs to the table, puts on the bib and does the following:

  • eats one cracker.
  • eats one section of the orange.
  • uses own straw to take one sip of the pop.
  • eats four peanuts

(Diet/allergy watch for this game, especially the peanuts. Substitute where necessary.)

When finished, he takes off the bib, runs back and tags the next player, who then runs up, puts on the bib and tastes the food.

The relay continues until all the food items for each team are gone. When the last mouthful is gone, that player pops the balloon to signal that his team has completed its taste test.

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