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St. George and the Dragon

  • Active, indoors.
  • Equipment: Per team: 1 easel; 1 piece of bristol board; 1 straight stick; 1 needle; pins; balloons; 1 set of cardboard armour (optional).
  • Formation: relay.

In preparation for the relay, a picture of a dragon is drawn on each piece of bristol board. Next, balloons are attached to the 'dragon'. The dragons are set up on easels, 6 feet apart, at a designated distance from the starting line. Finally, the needle is attached to the end of each stick, in order to create dragon-killing 'lances'.

Divide the players into two or more teams.

One boy acts as a horse, while another acts as the rider. On 'Go', one pair from each team rides to the starting line. The riders put on the armour, pick up the lance, and remount their horses. Then the charge begins !

Using the lance, the rider breaks one balloon on his team's dragon. He has only one try. When his attempt is over (whether successful or not) the 'horse' gallops back to the starting line, where the couple gives the props to the next pair from their team.

The relay continues until both dragons are 'dead' (balloon-less).

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