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About Our Flag

This ceremony can get your whole den involved in helping if you have two boys hold the flag and six other Cubs read their lines and do what it tells them to do.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Bag of red paper. Bag of blue paper Bag of white paper A tube of glitter. A large pot and a large spoon. An American flag.

CUB # 1: We are going to fix for you a treat that is really grand; And make for you a recipe...the greatest in the land.

CUB # 2: First we'll put in a heaping cup of red for courage true, (adds red paper bit to the pot.)

CUB # 3: And then we will add for loyalty a dash of heavenly blue, (he adds the blue bits to the pot.)

CUB # 4: For purity we will now sift in a layer of snowy white, (he sprinkles in white paper bits.)

CUB # 5: We will sprinkle in a pinch of stars to make it come out right, (he adds glitter.)

CUB # 6: We will stir and stir and then you will see, that what we have made is...(he uses large spoon and pretends to stir the contents of the pot not to disturb the flag.)

ALL CUBS: Old Glory.

CUBS # 1 & 8: Reaches in the pot and pulls our an American Flag.

CUB # 1: Our flag is the most beautiful flag in the world. Let us always be loyal to it.

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