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Den Leader Appreciation Ceremony - Have You Thanked Them Today?

Have you hugged your kids today?  This is a question you see on bumper stickers and hear on television commercials promoting good mental health.  Fortunately, most of us do not let a day go by without giving your kids at least one good hug.  In fact, if you would like to, it is perfectly OK to just reach over and give your kids a great big hug right now!  (To encourage audience participation, have your child close by for you to hug as an example and/or have a few parents in the audience who have been told beforehand to hug their kids when you give the word.)

The next question is, have you thanked your den leaders today?  Unfortunately, this is one thing that many of us forget to do.  Your den leaders are all volunteers and the only pay they receive is your thank you and a warm feeling all over when seeing the look of pride on you son's face as he successfully accomplishes his achievements.  These people have given your sons a very special gift.  They give him the gift of their time.  They give of their time when they attend training sessions, plan your son's den meetings, work on our pack committee, take your sons on field trips, plan picnics, overnights, and banquets.  The den leaders' time, which is very well spent, helps mold these Cub Scouts into the type of men we wish them to become in the future--trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

I know we all want what is best for our children, so tonight I would like you to help me thank those who have given your sons their very best.

(call leaders by name to come forward and present them with gifts, certificates or other tokens of appreciation.)

Now, will everyone please stand and help me THANK YOUR DEN LEADERS with a great big round of applause.

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