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Jungle Book


Personnel:  Cubmaster, person offstage to shout part of Bandar-log, Bageera and others (if is much more effective if they cannot be seen by anyone)  Cub Scout Boys can be the Monkey People.

Cubmaster:  You know that our lives today are much like the jungle that Mowgli lived in.  Oh we don't have a real jungle, but we do have a pack, and we have lots of people like Akela, the leader, in many forms.  Me, your Cubmaster, your parents, teachers, and your ministers.  We also have Bandar-log, the Monkey People.  Remember, they are the ones who are only brave when the odds are in their favor.  They don't follow any of the laws.  They are thoughtless and silly.  They have no goals and are ready to lead you into things that are bad for you like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gangs.

Offstage:  (Rules, rules, rules!!!  We don't like rules, com and play with us)

Cubmaster:  Ah, hear them call you?

Offstage (different voice) ( Be gone, Bandar-log, they belong to the can't have them)

Cubmaster:  Oh, Bageera, the black panther is watching out for you.  While he watches out for the Bandar-log, lets give out some awards that you have worked so hard for.

Offstage:  (the man cub is mine, give him to me)

Cubmaster:  Oh no!  That's Shere-kan, the fierce jungle tiger.

Offstage: (the man cub is mine, give him to me)

Cubmaster:  No...Shere-kan...These cubs are in the pack and you can't have them.  Be gone with you.  Boy, the bad guys are everywhere.  He is gone now.  Would the Wolves that are receiving rank and their parents and den leaders please come forward.

CEREMONY: The Cub Scout promise and the Law of the Pack are your guideline in Cub Scouts as well as in your life.  Following these will make the Monkey People, the Bandar-log and Shere-kan pretty mad at you, but the pack is behind you.  Keep these laws and you will succeed where the Bandar-log won't.  Light the candle from the Spirit of Scouting candle and repeat with your den the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Offstage:  (Laws and rules, laws and rules, come with us, we break them all)

Cubmaster:  Den Leaders, ignore them, present the awards

Would the Bears that are receiving rank please come forward with your parents and den leaders.  Please light your candle from the Spirit of Scouting candle and say the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.  Den Leaders, please present the awards.

Offstage:  (laws and rules, laws and rules - who needs them?)

Cubmaster:  We all need them silly Monkey People.  Rules make games fair, laws keep us safe.  You can't have the cubs....Now leave us alone, go somewhere else, we aren't Monkey People.  All boys who are earning gold and silver arrow points, please come forward with your den leaders.

CEREMONY: Ten activities have to be completed to earn each arrow point.  The first arrow point that is earned is gold.  The rest that you can earn are silver.  These boys have been working hard and these arrow points show it.  Den Leaders please present the arrow points.

Cubmaster:  Would the Webelos that are receiving rank please come forward with your parents and den leaders.

Offstage:  (Give the man cubs to me!!!  I want them!!!)

Cubmaster:  Shere-kan...This/these boy(s) have earned their Webelos rank...They are not about to come with you, and we are not giving them to you.  They know about the Cub Scout promise and the Law of the Pack.  They also know the Boy Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law...They will never come to you or the Monkey People.  There is nothing here for you...Go away.

CEREMONY:  Webelos _____, your choice has been made.  You have earned the Webelos rank.  You have worked hard and kept yourself physically fit.  You know about the citizenship that is required for our society to succeed.  You are ready for the emergencies that can come up at any time.  You will always have choices to make in life.  The Shere-kans and the Bandar-logs of this world will always be there to tempt you to join them.  Light your candle from the Spirit of Scouting candle and say the Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law with you den.  Den Leaders present the awards.


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