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Buffalo Blood - Tiger Cub Induction Ceremony

EQUIPMENT: Buffalo Blood (tomato juice) rifle (starter pistol or cap gun, cup, Tiger Cub T-Shirt.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Tiger Group Leader.

CUBMASTER: Tonight we have a young man who has reached the age of Tiger Cubs. Will (Read Names) please come forward.

In our Pack, we ask all Tiger Cub candidates to prove their worthiness by partaking of the Ceremonial Buffalo blood. This is a ritual used by Native American long ago in induct men into warrior-hood.

We ask our might Pack hunter to take his trust rifle and shoot the Buffalo grazing on the school lawn.

(Assistant Cubmaster leaves the room with the rifle. There is a noise in the background, mooing of the buffalo, running, a shot! Sounds stop and the Assistant Cubmaster returns somewhat disarranged, but with a bottle of Buffalo blood. He hands it to the Tiger Cub Group Leader who pours it in a cup.)

(Candidate faces the Pack and accepts the cup.)

Cubmaster; Now, as the young Native American boys of long ago partook of the Buffalo Blood to become warriors, we ask you to do likewise, to become a Tiger Cub in our Pack (Tiger Cub drinks)

Will (Tiger Group Leader's name) now present this new tiger Cub the Tiger Cub T-Shirt. (He does and all shake hands.)

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