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Have all the Cub Scouts and Webelos line up at the front of the room with a spotlight and the adults reading the following parts from the back of the room.

ASST. CUBMASTER: Boys, are the nicest things that ever happened to me... those arrogant, self-assured, little men-children who assume that all the great big world revolves around them.

DEN LEADER: Who else can carry half a worm, one crushed daisy, a piece of scrap metal, a three-day old apple core, and two cents all in one pocket?

DEN LEADER: Who else can take a bath without getting their shoulders wet, and wash for dinner without turning on the faucet.

DEN LEADER: Who else can believe that right is right and wrong is wrong, and the good guy always wins in the end.

WEBELOS LEADER: Who else can be a fireman, sword fighter, cowboy, deep-sea diver, all in the space of an hour. And then solemnly hold a funeral, complete with cross and box, for a shell off a turtle lost a month ago?

SEC-TREAS: Who else can be a cutter without teeth, meaner without malice, kinder without embarrassment, sillier without foolishness, and clean without neatness?

COMM. CHAIR: The world gains much in leaders and man power when boys grow up...but it loses something too...that magic feeling that comes with being nine! The feel of dust between bare toes and the ability to lie quietly while time stands still, to watch a minnow in a brook.

CUBMASTER: Me...I like Cub Scouts -- the boys! They smile when I need a smile; they tease when I'm somber; they keep me from taking myself too seriously. No, I don't wish that I were nine again. I just hope that somehow God will see to it that I always have someone nine years old in or near my house and heart.

ALL: Cubs are the nicest thing that ever happened to ME!

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