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Boy Scouts

Blue And Gold Cubs
EQUIPMENT: 4 candles (2 blue and 2 gold), candle holders, __ U.S. Flag. 5 Webelos Scouts or Den Chiefs, 4 cards (each bearing one letter of the word Cubs.)Place candles ...

Character Counts
BSA's Charter with the Congress of the United States That the purpose of the corporation shall be to promote, through organization and cooperation with other ...

Conservation Program
The Boy Scout conservation program emphasis is to incorporate throughout the the Scouting Program and activities an awareness and understanding of conservation as wise and intelligent management of natural resources. ...

Eagle Scouts
The simple fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout carries a lot of weight, special significance to the boy, but not only in Scouting but also in the real ...

Lone Scouts
Since its beginning das in 1910, BSA has been concerned with extending the Scouting program to boys in areas that can't support a full Troop, Pack or other type of ...

Personal Equipment List
  Quantity Equipment Notes 1 1 1 1 Backpack Sleeping Bag Sleeping Pad Ground cloth 2 qts 1 each 1 each Mess Gear Water Bottle Plate, Bowl and Cup Fork and Spoon   1 per trip 1 per trip ...

Questions Webelos Scouts Should Ask Each Troop
  Question Ideal Answer Do I know anyone in the Troop? (Possibly) Have I been invited to visit this Troop (Maybe - does not matter) Are any of my friends looking at this Troop (Maybe) HOW large is the ...

Scouting Is
Welcome, to the Scouting family. In Scouting we do our best to enrich the lives of the boys and make a difference in the kind of men they become. Since ...

The Purpose of the Order of the Arrow
To recoginize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. To devlop and maintai camping traditions and spirit. To ...

The Scout Handbook
The Boy Scout Handbook is like the bible of Scouting. It contains all the information that a Scout needs to know to earn eagle. Inside the book are the main ...

Turn your Webelos into Boy Scouts
1. Start early with your program for the first year boys to get all of them to Arrow Of Light (A.O.L.). 2. Do not wait for September to start ...

What is Boy scouting
Boy Scouts of America was started to provide a community organization that offers effective character, citizenship, and personal fitness training for youth. It endeavors to develop American citizenship in boys ...

What is the Merit Badge Program
The Merit Badge Program provides youth the opportunity to explore more than hundred fields of subject of skill and knowledge. Merit Badges are a vital part of the Scouting advancement ...

Who Are The Proffesionals
The Professional The Boy scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds desirable qualities of character, trains in the responsibilities of participating ...

Who Pays for Scouting
Scouting is paid for in many different ways. The first and most basic form is from its membership fees. After that is donations from the public, the community, and corporations. ...


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