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By:    On: 2015-02-17


You’ll be hard put to pass a McDonald’s on your next camping trip. If you do, then you simply ain’t doing it right! So pulling off a Beer Grylls is probably the only option you have, unless you’re willing to starve in the wilderness, that is. And trust me, that is not a good option.


So we’ve compiled a list of 5 bugs that you can eat to survive! Yes, you read it right! Five deliciously gross creepy crawlies are about to form your next “all you can buffet”! They even come a la carte if you want.

1. Agave Worm: These are larvae of Hypopta agavis moth, they are considered a delicacy in Mexico. Highly nutritious, you can munch them down with a glass of grape juice if you want.
2. Honey Pot Ants: Yes, you have your bug dessert! The abdomens of these insects are filled with a kind of nectar. Natives of Australia have always preferred them raw, fresh off the bush, if you will.
3. Leafcutter Ants: Do you like pistachios? And what about bacon? Everybody loves bacon! What if we told you, the leafcutter ant is a cross between the two? Yes, it’s even a Spanish delicacy eaten in South America! Tastes best when roasted over a campfire. In Columbia, they’re sold like popcorn at movie theatres.
4. Bamboo Worm: Found in Thailand, they are best served fried They can eat their way through bamboo shoots before metamorphosing into hideous, not so tasty moths. Eat ‘em while they’re young, that’s what we say!
5. Bee: The best for the last! Bee larvae are a delicacy in many cultures. And boy, are they delicious. Think about it, only thing s they eat are honey, royal jelly and pollen. They’re even used as a remedy for sore throat. No more disgusting medicine when you’re got some bee larvae close by!

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