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By:    On: 2010-01-20

There are literally thousands of battery powered lighting devices on the market. These devices range in size from small pin lights up to mega multi-million candle power spot lights. Some of these devices you can even recharge in the field, for example, there are ones you just shake up, others you crank, and yet others have a solar panel on them. Another thing to consider is if it is a regular bulb or an LED, for example there are two headlamps in the photo. The bigger one is a regular bulb and its battery will last maybe 5-8 hours of use. The smaller one is an LED, is actually brighter and will run 40 hours on one set of batteries. The big spot light will only run 20 mins on a single charge. Another thing to consider is weight, you would not want to carry a heavy full size flashlight backpacking, when a much smaller one will do. You will note I do not have a mini-meg in the photo, I do not own one any more mostly because I kept losing them. The small blue one next to the yellow flashlight is a small LED light, it does give off a bit of a blueish light, but it works great and has proven to be very durable. For normal usage I personally use the LED Energizer headlamp and that little blue LED (don't know the brand) the most. I bought both lights at the discount store down the street at a price of around $12 - $18 each. The camouflage one a Troop I was working with was selling as a fundraiser, it is one of those that you just shake up, there are no batteries. I like to keep it in the car, but I will note the light is more blueish then any other LED flashlight I have used, also it is a bit dim but works great as a emergency light source.

What kind of electric camp lighting do you use?

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