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News     16 Apr 2015 | 6:29 pm
The Scouts of the World Award was successfully relaunched in 2014 during the 40th World Scout Conference in Slovenia, and since then much have been achieved....

3 Hot Drinks for the Trail
blog     16 Apr 2015 | 6:22 pm
It’s so great to have something hot to drink when you’re out on the trail, especially on those cool days. Nothing beats the joy of[Read More...] The post 3 Hot Drinks for the Trail appeared first on Seattle Backpackers Magazine....

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite Jacket Review
blog     16 Apr 2015 | 3:13 pm
A lot is expected from a good climbing shell. It has to be waterproof, but breathable; light, but durable. It has to keep you warm[Read More...] The post Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite Jacket Review appeared first on Seattle Backpackers Magazine....

Girl Scouts of the USA and Toyota Financial Services Pave the Way for Girls' Financial Empowerment with "Driving My Financial Future"
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 10:00 am
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is excited to announce a new, multi-year partnership with Toyota Financial Services (TFS), which has pledged $2.1 million to help girls become self-reliant, financially literate, and capable of leveraging their talent, resources, and personal business values to build a stronger economy and healthier communities. With less than half the states in the U.S. offering financial education in schools, it is vital that girls are provided access to solid, foundational information on the world of personal finance. With the launch of “Driving My Financial Future,” GSUSA and TFS will empower 26,000 underserved girls across the...

How To Put Some DIY Glamping Pizzazz Into Your Next Camping Trip
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 8:47 am
Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide For those of you who don’t know, glamping is the new way to get outside with a bit more comfort. It combines the fun of camping with luxuries of a 5 star hotel. It also makes the experience of camping much easier and enjoyable, which is why even in bad weather, glamping businesses report up to 100% […] Visit the site today for loads more free camping tips and tricks. Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide...

Food Find: Whole Earth Harvest Dried Powdered Mushrooms
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 8:29 am
Dried mushrooms have an intense flavor that is perfect in backpacking meals – it is very concentrated and adds a depth you don’t get other ways. While finding dried mushrooms has become easier in the past decade (thank you internet), many dried mushrooms take a while to rehydrate. An easy solution? Mushroom powder: finely ground, […] The post Food Find: Whole Earth Harvest Dried Powdered Mushrooms appeared first on Trail Cooking....

Value of volunteer time rises to $23.07 an hour
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 8:00 am
Time is money, and the time your Scout unit spends volunteering in the community is no exception. Add up all the volunteer hours recorded by Scouts, Scouters and Venturers last year, and you’ve got $331 million in volunteer service to our country. (You’re welcome, America.) We know this number because Independent Sector, a nonprofit network dedicated to supporting other nonprofits, recently updated its estimate for the national value of volunteer time. That new number: $23.07 an hour. That’s up from last year’s count of $22.55 per hour. Let’s say your troop recorded 300 man-hours of community service last year, including Scouting for Food, Eagle projects, community clean-up days and more. Congratulations! You just saved your community...

Dissipate - tensegrity tower at AfrikaBurn 2015 festival
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 6:31 am
Dissipate is a project being planned by a group of architects and engineers (including a few former Scouts) for the upcoming AfrikaBurn Burning Man regional event near Cape Town, South Africa.The tower consists of an hourglass tower with a tensegrity on top of it, gradually 'dissipating' into the sky. Here's the team's own description of the project: Dissipate represents the impermanence of life; how structures, whether physical or notional, tend to move, transform, morph and eventually deconstruct and dissipate. We will be constructing the primary structure using traditional pioneering technology (poles and ropes). The artwork's main structure...

Volunteer Spotlight: A Cape Full of Patches and a Heart Full of Girl Scout Love
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 6:00 am
Lois Harris of Cape May, New Jersey, is a Girl Scout through and through. With more patches than she can count, tons of stories, and a love of Girl Scouting that has filled her life and those of girls across five states for decades, Lois is not only a Girl Scout alumna but a dedicated volunteer with 68 years of experience! Today, we celebrate you, Lois, for your passion, your dedication, and all the amazing ways you have made a difference throughout your life. Girl Scout volunteers around the country like Lois really do make a difference for so many...

In Dubai, friendships form between American Cub Scouts and British Scouts
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 6:00 am
Some 8,000 miles from the headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America — across the Atlantic Ocean and past northern Africa — you’ll find a Cub Scout pack that looks like any other Cub Scout pack. They learn, they form friendships and they have tons of fun. But Cub Scout Pack 813 differs from your typical pack in one big way: It’s based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The 115-boy pack has a clear mission: form friendships with young Scouts from other countries and spread goodwill wherever they go. That’s why in February the boys and their parents held a Founder’s Day celebration with a group of British Scouts, ages 6 to 10. They shot...

Why is training still optional?
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 5:00 am
As former district training chair, I strongly believe in the value of training and the necessity of a good training program for our adult volunteers. I acknowledge that training is never perfect, and that leaders who complete basic training are not experts in their position. Training “wets the sponge” and sets new leaders off in […]...

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Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 10, 2015
A big OA odd shape collection has been on the auction blocks over the last few weeks and the 2nd round is closing this weekend.  The beauty of this run...


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