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October 2014 - Visual Storytelling Workshops
Podcast     1 Oct 2014 | 2:04 am
Every picture tells a story, don’t it? And as a parent of one Cub Scout or leader of many, how do you take those fabulous pictures you have of your Cub Scouts doing really fun activities and then use them to recruit new boys into the program? Not only might you be developing a new skill, but you’ll also have lots of fun in the process. Click the download button to hear more about this fascinating new initiative....

Scouts 50th Anniversary
News     30 Sep 2014 | 9:12 pm
Saturday Oct 4 the Boy Scouts of Americas Troop 52 will celebrate 50 years of service. The Scouts have a long tradition of teaching youth not only outdoor skills but also good citizenship....

Reader's Page: Boy Scouts
News     30 Sep 2014 | 8:22 pm
I was just sitting here considering the health of my colon like the guy on the radio said I should. Then, I remembered he said it should be considered after age 50, and I dropped it like a hot rock. T...

Discuss, Demonstrate, Show
Blog     30 Sep 2014 | 7:02 pm
When it comes to advancement in the Boy Scouts, it’s not really rocket science.  First, the Scout needs to want to advance.  Second the Scout needs to do the work.  And finally, the Scout needs to be tested. This process can be easy for some Scouts while harder for others, but what I have learned in 10 years as a Scoutmaster is that it is all up to the Scout.  I have seen Troops in our area that place more value on advancement than in other methods and I have seen some that do not at all.  I think that we...

KNOTS or Not Cartoon for October
Blog     30 Sep 2014 | 6:36 pm
October 2014Scary Campfire StoriesCafe Press ItemsCopyright - U.S. Scouting Service Project | Visit us at | News at

Some kid! Life Scout uses goats to help clear poison ivy
Blog     30 Sep 2014 | 2:41 pm
Those of us in Scouting see poison ivy as a campout-ruining nuisance. Goats, as it turns out, see it as a delicious treat. Gavin Burseth, a 16-year-old from Bartlett, Ill., is training the animals to help clear poison ivy from campgrounds at the Blackwell Forest Preserve, about 30 miles west of Chicago. Why goats instead of machines or chemicals? “Goats are cheaper. They’re more eco-friendly. Generally they eat all day,” Gavin told the Chicago Tribune. “And poison ivy doesn’t affect them like it does people.” Gavin, still a few steps shy of the Eagle Scout Award, is closing in on another rare BSA honor: the William T. Hornaday Award, which many call “an Olympic medal bestowed...

The Magic of the Enchantments: Not Created by Giants and Gnomes, Says Local Geologist
blog     30 Sep 2014 | 1:45 pm
Moonbeam over Colchuck (Aasgard) Pass, photo courtesy of Shauna McDaniel Much has been written about the wild and rugged wilderness area known as the Enchantments west of Leavenworth, but words have a hard time capturing the beauty and magic of a place that is so truly enchanting. Sunset on Colchuck Lake, photo courtesy of Shauna McDaniel The geologic features found in the Enchantments have inspired fantasy and whimsy from the beginning of their exploration and are captured in the official and unofficial names of the features in this wilderness. Names like Gnome Tarn, Troll Sink and Aasgard Pass (officially Colchuck Pass) give the...

BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP: Scouts' spirit shows at school
News     30 Sep 2014 | 1:20 pm
BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP — A group of local Girl Scouts are working to complete their Silver Award project and held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the outdoor classroom they created at their school....

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 30, 2014
Blog     30 Sep 2014 | 11:29 am
TIME TO GET SOME CLOTH LISTED I have been focusing my own efforts the last few days on getting some fresh listings up on eBay. Monday I launched about 150 new OA flaps up on my store at fixed price. Many of these were old clothback pre-fdl issues. I've also launched a round of 80+ auctions including a lot of Philmont and World Jamboree issues. I know a dealer in the hobby that is looking to move most of his trade-o-ree stock in one big deal to scale back a bit. If you are in the market for making a five figure...

Man turns himself in after stealing cub scout donation jar
News     30 Sep 2014 | 10:44 am
A man was arrested Monday after stealing a jar full of donations meant for cub scouts....

Man Charged With Stealing Cub Scouts Donation Box In Malden
News     30 Sep 2014 | 10:35 am
A man accused of stealing a donation box right out of a volunteer’s hand says he stole the money for drugs....

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Scouting News
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