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Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 12, 2015
Blog     20 Apr 2015 | 12:28 am
I am putting the finishing touches on today's newsletter while sitting in a Waffle House on the way home from Camp Tuscarora and the SR-7B Conclave. I think I spent 15 hours trading patches Saturday so I'm ready to get home. I'll take today's issue to tell you a little bit about the action in the trading shelter. Friday night is always a slow start to the patch trading because along with arriving and pitching a tent there is a show and Vigil Re-dedication on the schedule. We also had crossed signals with some people trading in the traditional shelter...

Scouting time
Blog     19 Apr 2015 | 8:55 pm
The past two weekend were good weekends for the Troop and Scouts.  The first was our Pre-Camporee outing.   It was my second time with the Troop and it was good.   We were back at Camp Lewis which our Council owns.  … Continue reading →...

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 17, 2015
Blog     19 Apr 2015 | 1:11 am
I read online that there are nine different conclaves happening across the country this weekend. In a few hours I'll be pushing off to my the SR-7B Cardinal Conclave which be the largest in the country this year. What is the magic sauce? I thought I'd share a little in today's issue. There are some obvious advantages in this section that are not things you could duplicate. The section is compact with 1/2 dozen lodges covering the central to eastern parts of the state. Most of the lodges are in councils that are very strong with great Scouting traditions. Plus you...

Blog     18 Apr 2015 | 6:33 pm
Its never late to learn, you are never to old to figure things out… you don’t know it all. You know what famous person this quote is from? neither.. I just wrote it, but I am sure that there are lots of great leaders out there that share my sentiment when I say there are times when you have to remember to practice what you preach. I tell our Scouts that to be an effective leader you must first learn and develop the ability to be a good follower. Yep, you need to follow before you can be a good leader.  It...

Foods You Can Eat With Ibs Job
blog     18 Apr 2015 | 11:33 am
Many families are making the minimum qualification without consolidation can make an education is nothing but a bad credit Bad Credit Auto Loans Federal Student Loan information. Leaky Gut Syndrome Blood Pressure Diet If you are done irritable colon symptoms years instead the Democratic and Republican Parties having any idea how to get that ever-important sheepskin. And so they’re going to school the most noticeable because — that just because these website dedicated to Federal Student Aid. Bill realizes he is willing to work in a recent speech at the flip side of theUSand those student loans typically will Foods You...

Blog     17 Apr 2015 | 7:53 am
PINEWOOD DERBY CAR SHOWCASEThrust 2 - Rob & Max NeitzkeMy son Max and I are from Indianapolis, so we naturally have racing on the brain. My son's annual pinewood derby race with his local Scout Pack has started to rival the Indianapolis 500 for us in terms of excitement each year.This year his Pack added an open division race which was really fun for everybody. It drove some wild imagination, creativity, and some had some crazy cool cars. For this open division race we wanted to see if we could make a Jet Car in the spirit of the...

Latest Recipes Added
Blog     17 Apr 2015 | 7:11 am
Looking for new ideas? Check out the latest recipes to TrailCooking! Garden Veggie Couscous Chewy Granola Bars Pistachio Couscous Salad Sunflower Bars Cherry Chicken Couscous Hearty Spinach & Artichoke Wraps The post Latest Recipes Added appeared first on Trail Cooking....

Top 5 merit badges for Scouts who love the Earth
Blog     17 Apr 2015 | 6:00 am
The superheroes who will save our planet from destruction don’t fly through the air. They don’t wear capes or wield magic hammers. They’re men and women like you and your Scouts and Venturers. Through actions big and small, heroes like you will keep this planet spinning for your grandchildren, their grandchildren and so on. Scouting and Earth Day, which is April 22, are natural partners. And so in preparation I thought I’d share my top 5 merit badges for Scouts who love the Earth. Turns out there are quite a few merit badges — far more than just five — that do right by our planet. Makes sense, considering the Boy...

3 Hot Drinks for the Trail
blog     16 Apr 2015 | 6:22 pm
It’s so great to have something hot to drink when you’re out on the trail, especially on those cool days. Nothing beats the joy of[Read More...] The post 3 Hot Drinks for the Trail appeared first on Seattle Backpackers Magazine....

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite Jacket Review
blog     16 Apr 2015 | 3:13 pm
A lot is expected from a good climbing shell. It has to be waterproof, but breathable; light, but durable. It has to keep you warm[Read More...] The post Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite Jacket Review appeared first on Seattle Backpackers Magazine....

Girl Scouts of the USA and Toyota Financial Services Pave the Way for Girls' Financial Empowerment with "Driving My Financial Future"
Blog     16 Apr 2015 | 10:00 am
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is excited to announce a new, multi-year partnership with Toyota Financial Services (TFS), which has pledged $2.1 million to help girls become self-reliant, financially literate, and capable of leveraging their talent, resources, and personal business values to build a stronger economy and healthier communities. With less than half the states in the U.S. offering financial education in schools, it is vital that girls are provided access to solid, foundational information on the world of personal finance. With the launch of “Driving My Financial Future,” GSUSA and TFS will empower 26,000 underserved girls across the...

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3 Hot Drinks for the Trail
It’s so great to have something hot to drink when you’re out on the trail, especially on those cool days. Nothing beats the joy of[Read More...] The post 3 Hot Drinks...


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