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When worlds collide: What are Scouts seeing on your Facebook page?
Blog     16 Apr 2014 | 5:25 am
Your boss views your tailgating photos on Instagram, your Facebook friends see you complaining about your job or your Scouts read your tweets in favor of a politician. You’ve just encountered context collapse. That’s the phrase for something intended for a specific audience that becomes seen by a much wider, unintended audience. It happens in the real world, like if you run into a coworker, Scout or Scouter at church or a political rally. But it happens even more frequently online, where we can instantly share sometimes-controversial views with a few simple taps on the keyboard. Eagle Scout Mark Ray, skilled author and regular contributor to both Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazines, writes on his blog about this phenomenon: Thanks to context...

Issue 393 – April 15, 2014
blog     15 Apr 2014 | 12:50 pm
________________________________________ Hi Andy, My son just crossed over into a pretty good troop. Based on my own experience as a Scout (my two highlights were being elected Senior Patrol Leader and making it to Eagle along with my two best friends) the troop seems to be getting lots of stuff right, like using The Patrol Method, the Senior Patrol Leader runs the meetings, there’s an active Patrol Leaders Council with minimal need for Scoutmaster intercession, meetings run on time and have lots of fun activities, and my son’s in a new-Scout patrol with a Troop Guide who understands he’s not an “acting...

BSA Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 12:00 pm
Scott sent in this question: My son is home schooled and has to do the requirement for second class 9a. The drug awareness part. do you have any suggestions on what he can do to meet this requirement? Any help would be great. Thanks Scott This is Second Class requirement 9a: Participate in a school, community, or troop program on the dangers of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and other practices that could be harmful to your health. Discuss your participation in the program with your family, and explain the dangers of substance addictions. I recommend you check out the BSA substance abuse program Drugs: A Deadly Game . You...

Shackleton’s Board of Review
Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 9:04 am
Sir Ernest Shackleton’s board of review for the rank of World Explorer assembled one evening and began reading over his application and supporting documentation. He earned all of his merit badges on Captain Scott’s Antarctic Discovery Expedition in 1901–04, and clocked his leadership tenure as the leader of British Antarctic Expedition in 1907–09. For his World Explorer project Shackleton had proposed “The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition”. The project was enthusiastically approved, and it’s progress carefully followed. The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition began with great promise but, because of Shackleton’s miscalculations, ended in great difficulty after taking a great deal longer than he had planned. His project report was a...

2014 Fieldbook: Your must-have user’s guide to the outdoors
Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 9:00 am
Here’s one owner’s manual that’s actually worth reading. It isn’t for your car, smartphone or new camp stove. The 2014 Fieldbook is a user’s guide for the entire outdoors, and it’s a must-own for everyone who spends time outside. The fifth-edition Fieldbook: Scouting’s Manual of Basic and Advanced Skills for Outdoor Adventure is published by the Boy Scouts of America. It covers hiking, camping, canoeing, mountain travel, ultralight backpacking, wilderness navigation, whitewater kayaking and much more. While Scouts and Scouters will find it indispensable before and during every outing, it’s a great tool for non-Scouts, as well. “For more than a century, our organization has focused on teaching outdoor skills and leadership and providing opportunities for adventure...

Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 8:22 am
Tidbits of Wisdom (Pinewood Derby Number Three)By Michelle MitchellFor those of you who may not have a Cub Scout in the family, March was pinewood derby month. This was the third of five derbies for us, and through it all I've gleaned a few tidbits of wisdom.1. If you give your Cub Scout his car kit expecting the pieces to remain intact until needed, you're insane. In the history of the Derby I don't think one boy has made it through without losing at least one part from his car kit. So be prepared. In our case, Spencer and David...

Simplicity In A Meal: Beans & Rice
Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 7:30 am
When I first made this recipe years ago for hiking, I based it on a simple “recipe” I had eaten a lot of in my college years. In those years I would make a batch of rice and mix into it a can of vegetarian refried beans, and if I was feeling all flush, some […] The post Simplicity In A Meal: Beans & Rice appeared first on Trail Cooking & The Outdoors....

This summer, Eagle Scouts will bicycle across America to prove a point
Blog     15 Apr 2014 | 5:55 am
It sounds like the trailer for a summer blockbuster: In a world saturated by television, smartphones and video games, one group of Scouts dares to step outside and show the world they still value the outdoors, exercise and self-discipline. But this is better than a Hollywood movie. As first reported on the Boys’ Life Scouting Around blog, a group of Eagle Scouts from Troop 165 out of Fredericksburg, Va., have a point to prove: Motivated young men still exist in this world, and many of them developed their character in Scouting. How will they prove it? As you probably guessed by the headline, they’ll ride their bikes from San Francisco to Virginia Beach,...

Glowstick Orienteering
Blog     14 Apr 2014 | 4:41 pm
In an earlier posting about a Scout Campout, I talked about Glowstick Orienteering.  I got a few requests via Twitter for more details. After a quick email to the Scoutmaster, he replied with this: “Basically there were 10 glowsticks that correspond to the 10 Essential items.  Bearings were provided and then a very approximate number […]...

First Flaps Can Still Produce Eye Popping Results
Blog     14 Apr 2014 | 12:16 pm
I keep a pretty good eye on eBay and it's not every day that you see anything sell for $2,500 in the Boy Scout category.  Earlier this year a First Flap from Woapeu Sisilija did go for big bucks and its the #1 featured item in this countdown.  Now this Order of the Arrow flap got 59 bids so it might have been run up a little but if I was the seller I'd take it. Item Title - Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids Rank Boy Scout Patches Lot, Cub Scouts, Order of The Arrow, Camporee 8 #10 OA 550 Menawngihella, F-1, FF,...

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