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Volunteer Spotlight: A Cape Full of Patches and a Heart Full of Girl Scout Love
Blog     25 Apr 2017 | 12:43 pm
Lois Harris of Cape May, New Jersey, is a Girl Scout through and through. With more patches than she can count, tons of stories, and a love of Girl Scouting that has filled her life and those of girls across five states for decades, Lois is not only a Girl Scout alumna but a dedicated volunteer with 68 years of experience! Today, we celebrate you, Lois, for your passion, your dedication, and all the amazing ways you have made a difference throughout your life. Girl Scout volunteers around the country like Lois really do make a difference for so many...

Girls of Courage Grow into Leaders of Communities
Blog     24 Apr 2017 | 11:00 am
For Volunteer Appreciation Month, we asked Margarita Olivarez to share the story of her lifelong relationship with Girl Scouts-- from her childhood as a Girl Scout to being a Troop Leader today. Thanks for all you do, Margarita!It’s been decades since I pinned my first Girl Scout badge to my vest in elementary school, but the mission still rings true: Girl Scouts builds young women of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. I’ll never grow out of being a Girl Scout, because the organization stands for universal values of altruism and community service, which are...

G-Team Gears up For G.I.R.L. 2017!
Blog     23 Apr 2017 | 6:14 am
Hi, there! Your helpful blogger from G-Team (the amazing girls planning G.I.R.L. 2017) is back with an update! If you need a reminder, G-Team is made up of 21 girls from all over the United States who have a shared mission—making G.I.R.L. 2017 the best event ever.As G.I.R.L. 2017 draws near, G-Team is in full gear prepping for October in the lovely Columbus, Ohio. G-Team has four subteams: Program, Special Events, Hall of Experiences, and Marketing and Design. We communicate through video chats and constant emails and, just to make sure our planning is on track (as well as to...

Take Action and Lead!
Blog     22 Apr 2017 | 2:46 pm
Not everyone who hikes the Elliott Wildlife Interpretive Trail at Camp Andree Clark knows exactly what they’re looking at when they see a vine twisted around a tree branch or a red-feathered bird flying through the air. And that’s where Girl Scouts comes in—specifically, girls whose Take Action projects provide hikers with opportunities to learn more about the plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds they might encounter along the way.The interpretive trail was developed by Green Corps Girl Scout Cadettes from the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York. The Green Corps program is designed for girls who have a...

Sometimes It IS Easy Being Green
Blog     22 Apr 2017 | 9:00 am
From the hikes that Juliette Gordon Low took with the first Girl Scout troop, to the girls who worked on their Ranger patch in national parks last weekend, every Girl Scout spends time in the great outdoors. It’s in our DNA.But enjoying the outdoors is only half the story. We also believe in respecting and protecting the planet. That’s why, of all the holidays we observe throughout the year, Earth Day is one of our favorites. Because everyone is thinking about the planet on this day, we get an extra opportunity to share our stories and lead by example....

Hear It from a Girl Scout Leader: Paving Their Own Way
Blog     21 Apr 2017 | 2:36 pm
I’m a third-generation Girl Scout and a second-generation Girl Scout troop leader. I’ve been a troop leader for about seven years now—and what a wild ride it’s been!My career as a Girl Scout leader began in a rather unconventional (not to mention stressful) way. One evening, while entertaining family members, I heard a knock at my front door. When I opened it no one was there, but there was a box on my doorstep…and a note.As background, up until that point I’d been a very uninvolved assistant troop leader—not because I didn’t want to be involved, but because our troop...

Girls Find a Sense of Home in Troop 6000
Blog     19 Apr 2017 | 6:44 am
Sam Hodgson for the New York TimesLike most all Girl Scouts, the 21 members of Troop 6000 build friendships, learn first aid, and develop leadership skills. Unlike most Girl Scouts, this troop is solely for homeless girls.Homelessness can impede the sense of security children need, but for girls who live in a shelter in Queens, New York, membership in Girl Scouts offers solace and support. Not only are these girls learning important leadership skills to last a lifetime—their troop provides them with stability and fellowship among peers who understand their circumstances.At Girl Scouts, there are troops around the country that...








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