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GoPro’s new $130 camera seems perfect for Scouting adventures
Blog     29 Sep 2014 | 9:55 am
GoPro, maker of those action cameras mounted to the head of every other Scout these days, just made a move sure to please packs, troops and crews. The company today announced an entry-level model of its popular HERO camera. At $130, it’s cheaper than any previous GoPro camera by $70. The new model, called simply the HERO, lacks some of the bells and whistles of the other two GoPro cameras announced today (the $500 HERO4 Black and $400 HERO4 Silver). For $130, you get a camera that …  Shoots 1080p video at 30 frames per second or 720p video at 60 frames per second. Is waterproof up to 131 feet in the...

2015-16 Cub Scout requirements finalized
Blog     29 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
Good news for Cub Scout leaders, especially those who love to plan ahead. You can now get your hands on the revised and final 2015-16 Cub Scout requirements, effective with the 2015-2016 Scouting year. As with other program updates (including updates to Venturing and Boy Scouting), you can find everything you need to know at the BSA’s indispensable Program Updates page. For the final Cub Scout requirements, you want the link for “Adventure requirements and insignia” under the “2015 Updates: Cub Scouts” heading. Changes, which were made in consultation with Cub Scouters and chartered organizations, include: Minor changes to clarify requirements (based on feedback from Scouters) Changes in the required Duty to...

Seattle Venturing crew attempts to climb Mount McKinley
Blog     26 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
In June, Venturing Crew 310 from Seattle attempted to summit Mount McKinley. Though high winds and an avalanche risk scrubbed their attempt, it didn’t dampen their spirit of adventure. Read the story in their words below. But first, let me point out that Crew 310′s chartered organization is unlike any I had seen before. The crew is chartered to Cascade Leadership Challenge, a Seattle-based nonprofit that helps youth get more outdoor adventure in their lives. Cascade Leadership Challenge actually charters three Venturing crews, including one through the BSA’s Scoutreach program that serves inner-city youth. Now that’s a great link-up between Scouting and one city’s vast community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Alaskan Adventure: Seattle Crew...

NAYLE, BSA’s top training for youth, now offered at all 4 high-adventure bases
Blog     25 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
NAYLE is to youth leadership training what the Eagle Scout and Summit awards are to Boy Scouting and Venturing. Each represents the pinnacle of achievement. Now’s the time to get your Scouts and Venturers thinking about NAYLE, also known as the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience. The course is intended for youth who have completed NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) and are ready to take the next step. NAYLE participants make new friends, learn new skills and experience an epic adventure — all in an awesome location. Speaking of: Beginning in summer 2015, NAYLE will be offered at all four national high-adventure bases. That means there’s a course within driving distance...

BSA asks Scout units, councils to stop using phrase ‘Fun With a Purpose’
Blog     24 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
The Boy Scouts of America protects its brand and trademarks. We wouldn’t let a company use our red, white and blue fleur-de-lis or the phrase “Prepared. For Life.” without permission. In that same vein, we should respect the rights of others to protect their trademarks. That’s why the BSA is asking for help from packs, troops and crews to stop using the phrase “Fun With a Purpose” and remove it from promotional materials and unit websites. The phrase, often used with Cub Scout-related activities, is a registered trademark owned by the publishers of the popular Highlights children’s magazine. Don’t worry. Your unit isn’t in trouble or getting sued; the BSA doesn’t expect any legal action from Highlights. In fact, the BSA...








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